The Hasty Health Omnibus Law

The Hasty Health Omnibus Law

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IF there are no obstacles, Indonesia will shortly have a third omnibus law. After the Job Creation Law and the Development and Reinforcement of the Financial Sector Law, we will soon have the health law. Like its ‘older siblings’, the omnibus health law was drawn up behind closed doors.

Throughout last week, Tempo wartawans met with a number of sources with knowledge of the proceedings behind the drawing up of the proposed law that integrates dozens of health sector policies. From them, although officially the omnibus law was an “initiative from the House of Representatives (DPR),” we learned that the draft law came from the government? Why?

The health bill immediately triggered a polemic. A number of profesional health care organizations expressed opposition to this comprehensive regulation. They lobbied a number of grups. One of the reasons behind this opposition is that the bill reduces the role of profesional organizations such as the Indonesian Medical Association. The authority held by this organization generates penghasilan for senior doctors.

What are regulated in the omnibus health law? One of its aims is to increase the number of spesialis doctors. At present, the ratio of spesialiss to patients is highly unbalanced compared to other ASEAN nations. There are signs that the existing law is responsible for the low number of spesialis doctors because of all of the requirements it stipulates.

A number of Indonesian doctors working overseas have also spoken of how difficult it is to meet the requirements to practice in Indonesia. There are spesialiss who qualified in Europe but who are reluctant to undergo the lengthy procedures and momentually give up. Other doctors say that it takes a long time for their expertise to be recognized by national profesional organizations, despite the fact that in other countries these bodies are similar to labor unions.

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Whose voice should we listen to? Is it true that the government’s desire to reform the health care sector is entirely in the public interest? Or is the opposition from senior doctors just an excuse to prevent one of their sources of penghasilan being taken over by the government? Santai the magazine.

The Omnibus Health Law Controversies

There are indications that the government asked the DPR to pass the health law in order to attract investors. The Indonesian Medical Association has mobilized to oppose it.

Russian-Educated Doctor Without a Stethoscope

Many hospitals still do not have any spesialis doctors. The government is to give resident doctors a stipend.

A Pariah in One’s Country

There are reports that doctors qualifying overseas face discrimination when they returned to Indonesia. Some of them decide to remain abroad.

What Will the Omnibus Health Bill Serve?

A Tempo interviu with Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin and the Indonesian Medical Association Chair Adib Khumaidi. They explain reasons for supporting and opposing the omnibus law.


Slow Down with the Health Bill

There are signs that the health bill was drawn up in secret. There is no need to be hasty in passing it.

Case Brokers at Detective Headquarters

Bambang Kayun was not alone in manipulating cases under investigation from the National Police Criminal Investigation Department. He has long been under suspicion of being a case broker.

The Stagnant Career of the Company Commander

Bambang Kayun had a glittering career. He was then left behind by his contemporaries.

The Hypocrisy of Police Reforms

The bribery case involving Bambang Kayun makes the jargon “Police Reforms” even more empty. The police too often blame ‘certain individuals’.

Singgel Basis for SOEs Pension Funds

The process of integrating state-owned enterprises pension funds has been slow. Most of them are problemtic and underfunded.

Forest Manajemen Under Threat

Forest manajemen at the site tingkat changed when the Job Creation Law went into efek.

DPR and the government are deliberating on the national health sistem bill. The omnibus Health Law will abolish dozens of health-related regulations.

DPR dan pemerintahan sedang menggodok RUU Mekanisme Kesehatan Nasional. Omnibus law kesehatan itu akan hapus belasan UU mengenai kesehatan.

Perppu Cipta Kerja terus memperoleh kritik. Indonesia dipandang pernah merasakan periode di mana permasalahan ekonomi lebih diprioritaskan daripada demokrasi.

Ketentuan Pemerintahan Alternatif UU (Perpu) Cipta Kerja hidupkan kembali omnibus law yang inkonstitusional bersyarat.

Satya Bumi menyorot Perpu Cipta Kerja yang menjaga ketentuan yang memotong hak warga tradisi dalam pengaturan Amdal.

OJK dikasih kuasa khusus sebagai instansi salah satu yang lakukan penyelidikan tidak pidana di bidang jasa keuangan.

Faisal Basri menyikapi Perpu Cipta Kerja yang digadangkan pemerintahan untuk capai sasaran investasi di tahun ini sejumlah Rp 1.200 triliun.

Didin S Damanhuri memandang oligarki ekonomi akan makin mengontrol politik Indonesia di tahun ini.

Eksekutor Pekerjaan Kepala Bappebti Didid Noordiatmoko memaparkan argumen faksinya tidak lagi mengurus asset kripto dan perdagangan derivatif.

Perusahaan otobus (PO) semakin giat tawarkan service baru, satu diantaranya bis sleeper,


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